Mirror mirror on the wall…

…do you see the reflection of your soul?


What good will it be for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul? Or what can anyone give in exchange for their soul? Matthew 16:26

I had just parked up in a car park, heading to my bereavement counselling session, where I saw a mirrored glass. I remembered working at the Magistrate’s Court for my work experience when I was 16. As people walked passed they were either stopping to do their hair, or checking their teeth, thinking that no-one could see them…but we could (it was also very funny!). When I saw this mirrored glass, a thought popped into my head.

‘The reflective mirror…there is more than what you see’

When we look in the mirror, we are looking at our physical being, but what if you could see your soul? Would you feel beautiful or would you feel ugly? There is more depth to us, than just our reflection in the mirror. There is someone who can see the innerself – you and God.

There are endless things out in the public domain of what you could do, from mindfulness courses, yoga, to columns and columns of how to keep fit. What’s interesting though, is the emphasis is on ‘me’ and not necessarily ‘us’. Titles like ‘How to calm your mind’, ‘look after number one’, but what about keeping our souls healthy? What about what we fill our souls with? What about other people?

What we don’t see, God does. I sometimes feel ugly when I am around my friends or even family members. They either have better height, body figures or beauty, and I really struggle with that at times. Deep down I know the truth though and that is I am made in God’s image – so I know I am not. I am a world away from being a model, and I wonder if that’s how a lot of women feel…or even men. Everyone wants to feel beautiful, but we need to be beautiful on the inside. How do we think? What are we saying and doing? Is it positive and encouraging? Is it full of the Holy Spirit or is it what we desire and want? I battle with my thoughts a lot and being a deep thinker has its perks but also misgivings.

I have never really been worried about what lipstick or nailpolish colour I wear, what the latest trend is with clothes etc.  I have to remind myself (many times) that I don’t need to confine myself to other people’s way of life but to live by what God has given me. We do need to be healthy – physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally, before we help others, but that is always going to be the case. We are filled up so we can give out. Our duty as humans is to help one another, to share what we have, to love and give, what God has given to us. However little we have, we can still share.

I remember a story from my childhood of my mother, a friend of hers had come to see her and for some reason my mum must have been showing her some clothes. Her friend really liked one of the items and without hesitation, my mum said ‘you can have it’. She was selfless and til this day, people still talk about her with positive words. That’s how Jesus was – he came to serve. We should be serving those around us too.

It is important to understand, there are a lot of broken people in the world. Those who are abused, hurt, angry and unloved. They need us. When you look in the mirror don’t just look for your external beauty, fill your internal self with God’s word, his spirit and his light.

Stop focusing on ‘me, me, me’ and focus on ‘we, we, we’. When you look in that mirror be not only beautiful on the outside, be beautiful on the inside too. What’s the use in a beautiful empty shell, if you have nothing beautiful to fill it with? Beauty is both internal and external. Be beautiful people first and then worry about what you wear, look like and what you drive!

With love and blessings always,

Rani x

P.S. You can also check out my dating piece here with SBS. My name has been changed (not my choice)


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