The Drip Feed…


“ Whoever believes in me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them.” John 7:38

So a couple of weeks ago, I ended up in hospital (nothing serious). I had a fever, quite low blood pressure and a backache. I booked an appointment with my GP and she sent me straight to accident and emergency. Triage took my temperature, blood pressure and then had an inkling I was septic. The surgeon decided I needed to be kept in and straight away I was put on an IV drip and pumped with antibiotics. (Not how I planned on spending my Tuesday!)

I was in a ladies ward overnight,with 4 elderly women and another young lady. As I looked at the elderly ladies, it reminded me of my grandmother and I just thought, I do not ever want to grow old to the point I can’t look after myself. It also reminded me, I needed to take more risks and at 32 I should be fit and healthy, not lying in bed with a mystery illness.

When I was told I am potentially septic and once I had the IV drip, it got me thinking as I lay in the hospital bed. Sometimes we live life like a drip including our faith. The flow is controlled by the little roller ball (this would be us in this case), of how fast or slow the feed drips into us. How do we feed our lives daily? Are we slowly feeding ourselves the positive things in life or are we feeding ourselves with the worldly things? Such as ‘I want this; I want that, he did this, she did that’. If we take our eyes off God, we can allow our lives to become septic, and full of things that can harm us mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

I have to be honest the antibiotics given to me three times, were strong and painful but it reminded me, that sometimes in life, no matter how painful, we need a good boost! As sad as it is, sometimes we have to go through painful experiences to actually end suffering, learn lessons and to know we can move on.

When it comes to my faith, I realised that the drip feed was my daily faith – my prayer, my worship, fellowship and my time absorbing the Gospel, and how I act towards situations – I need the ‘IV’ every day to keep me hydrated. The antibiotics represented the boost we need sometimes – our experiences, our healing and the reminder of God’s power. Our experiences are painful at times, at times they are adventurous and sometimes they are just what they are, however without all these experiences would we be, who we are?

Through life, many of us will have experienced different journeys and routes. Some of us have faith, some of us do not. Whichever way, we all need a boost in life – for many who do not have a faith, I hope you do find it because the most wonderful things have happened to me. Faith does not mean we are immune from the awful things in life – we’re not. However, I know when things go wrong I am not alone. I can trust to know I am looked after by God, he will put the right people in my path for whatever it might be. In the case above – I felt I wasn’t right, my GP felt I wasn’t and the people who looked after me were just amazing from all walks of life! God knew what I needed at that moment and he provided me with a great NHS staff.

The moral of the story is, that no matter what we are drip feeding into ourselves, make sure it’s the good stuff.  You may go through growing pains – but it’ll be worth it in the end. If we allow our lives to be filled with sin and negativity, it can impact us in ways we cannot understand. The most important thing to understand is…we do not live just in a physical world. We live in a spiritual world where there is good and evil – and we need to wake up this. Not everyone has our good intentions – but God ALWAYS has good intentions. Make sure you are hydrated everyday!

Thank you to all the medics who took care of me. Without you all I would probably still be suffering. I had fun being wheeled around by the hospital staff – in fact I REALLY enjoyed that! A special thanks to all the Beaumont ladies in bay C.

Peace and love always,

Rani x

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